Terms Of Service

  1. LowCost-Webspace Terms of Service.
  2. Acceptance of Terms.
    1. By registering for and/or using LowCost-Webspace in any manner, including but not limited to visiting or browsing LowCost-Webspace, you agree to all of the terms and conditions contained herein (“Terms of Service”), which also incorporates the LowCost-Webspace Privacy Policy, and all other operating rules, policies and procedures that may be published from time to time on the Site by LowCost-Webspace, each of which is incorporated by reference and each of which may be updated by LowCost-Webspace from time to time without notice to you in accordance with the terms set out under the “Changes to the TOS” section below. In addition, some services offered through LowCost-Webspace may be subject to additional terms and conditions specified by LowCost-Webspace from time to time; your use of such services is subject to those additional terms and conditions, which are incorporated into these Terms of Service by this reference. These Terms of Service apply to all users of LowCost-Webspace, including, without limitation, users who are contributors of content, information, and other materials or services on LowCost-Webspace, individual users of LowCost-Webspace, and users who have Hosting on LowCost-Webspace.
  3. Account Creation.
    1. Setup of your account will only be initiated after LowCost-Webspace have received payment and/or our partners have confirmed payment and screened the orders for fraud.
    2. Before Account creation is also carried out, we MUST be issued with a contact email address other than one based on the domain which is being set up.
  4. Traffic and Storage Policies.
    1. LowCost-Webspace allocates a set amount of storage and bandwidth per customer.
      If customer exceeds or is about to exceed the allocated amount of storage or traffic, LowCost-Webspace will send a courtesy notice to customer with further options and pricing. Extra Bandwidth and Storage pricing is available on request (see our hosting packages page on our website)
  5. Domain Hosting Policies.
    1. LowCost-Webspace does not allow any form of reselling or sharing of hosting under any circumstances.
    2. All domains hosted under a single user account MUST be owned and operated by that user.
    3. In the event of users being found to either be selling space on their hosting account or allowing other users access to their control panel to host their own domains, LowCost-Webspace will terminate ALL domains hosted at that user account together with the user account with immediate effect and without any prior notification.
    4. Any accounts which are terminated due to this will not be entitled to a refund on any pre-paid services.
  6. High Resource Policy.
    1. MySQL databases which consume large amounts of resources will be immediately terminated or suspended at LowCost-Webspace’s discretion.
    2. CGI scripts found to consume large amounts of system resources will immediately be terminated or suspended at LowCost-Webspace’s discretion.
    3. Websites found to consume large amounts of system resources such as httpd, cgi, mysql can be suspended at anytime at LowCost-Webspace’s discretion. LowCost-Webspace considers at least 7% CPU Usage, 7% Memory Usage, and 7% mySQL usage as high resource.
    4. LowCost-Webspace commits 100% stability to all our servers, and network that LowCost-Webspace has control over. To keep with this commitment, any website that LowCost-Webspace feels is degrading the performance of our network may be suspended at LowCost-Webspace’s discretion, without being required to notify the end user in advance.
    5. As a set standard, LowCost-Webspace will run spot testing anytime we feel our network may be becoming unstable due to a High Resource Customer. If a customer is found to be utilizing more then 7% of CPU / 7% Memory / 7% MySQL, they will be sent a courtesy notice. The 2nd notice, the customer will be suspended for 7 days. The 3rd notice, the customer will be terminated due to High Resource Usage.
    6. What does LowCost-Webspace consider “CGI Abuse”? Any site whose CGI programs are using excessive amounts of system resources. Excessive amounts is defined as any amount that results in substantial degradation of server performance.
    7. LowCost-Webspace is the sole determinant of what constitutes degraded server performance.
    8. Due to their use of flat files instead of databases, LowCost-Webspace does not allow the use of any cgi based forums. Use of these boards for large or very active forums results in system performance degradation, and cannot be allowed in our shared server environment.
    9. Accounts classified as High Resource Accounts and are either suspended or terminated are not entitled to a refund for any pre-paid services.
  7. Resource Usage.
    1. Users may not initiate the following:
      1. Use 25% or more of system resources for longer then 90 seconds. There are numerous activities that could cause such problems; these include: CGI scripts, FTP, PHP, HTTP, etc.
      2. Run any type of interactive real-time chat applications that require server resources.
      3. Run stand-alone, unattended server-side processes at any point in time on the server. This includes any and all daemons, such as IRCD.
      4. Run any software that interfaces with an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network.
      5. Run any bit torrent.
      6. Run any gaming servers such as counter-strike, half-life, battlefield1492, etc.
  8. Content.
    1. All services provided by LowCost-Webspace may only be used for lawful purposes. This includes, but not limited to:
      1. Copyrighted material.
      2. material we judge to be threatening or obscene.
      3. pornography.
    2. The customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless LowCost-Webspace from any claims resulting from the use of our services.
    3. Examples of unacceptable material:
      1. IRC Bots (Including ‘egg drops’ or any IRC related programs)
      2. Warez Sites
      3. Pirated Software
      4. Hate sites
      5. Hack programs and archives
    4. LowCost-Webspace will also not allow sites that provide points of distribution, or links to the above types of sites.
    5. LowCost-Webspace reserves the right to remove such illegal material from its servers immediately.
    6. LowCost-Webspace expressly forbids anyone from using LowCost-Webspace’s servers for the propagation, distribution, housing, processing, storing, or otherwise handling in any way lewd, obscene, or pornographic material, satanic material, or any other material which we deem to be objectionable. The designation of any materials as such described above is left entirely to the discretion of the LowCost-Webspace management.
  9. Zero Tolerance Spam Policy.
    1. We take a zero tolerance stance against sending of unsolicited e-mail, bulk emailing, and spam. “Safe lists” and “purchased lists” will be treated as spam. Any user who sends out spam will have their account terminated without notice.
    2. LowCost-Webspace reserves the right to require changes or disable as necessary any web site, account, database, or other component that does not comply with this policy, at its sole discretion. LowCost-Webspace also reserves the right to make any such modifications in an emergency at our sole discretion.
    3. LowCost-Webspace reserves the right to charge the holder of the account used to send any unsolicited e-mail a clean up fee. This cost of the clean up fee is left entirely to the discretion of LowCost-Webspace. All rights reserved.
  10. Bulk mailing.
    1. The ONLY mailing lists allowed are lists built with the aid of members of the public having signed up as a member of your site which has a password protected members area, or through an opt in form located on your site.
    2. The importation of email addresses into mailing programs hosted on Lowcost-webspace.com servers is strictly forbidden. The list must be double opt in. Members of the public signing up to your list must have the option to opt out by clicking on a link or sending a remove request.
    3. The opt out instructions must be included in every email sent.
    4. If in doubt do not assume – contact us for advice.
  11. Backups and Data Loss.
    1. Your use of the service is at your sole risk. LowCost-Webspace is not responsible for files and data residing on your account. You agree to take full responsibility for files and data transferred and to maintain all appropriate backup of files and data stored on LowCost-Webspace servers.
  12. Bandwidth Usage.
    1. You are allocated a monthly bandwidth allowance. This allowance varies depending on the hosting package you purchase.
    2. Should your account pass the allocated amount we reserve the right to suspend the account until one of the following actons are carried out.
      1. Until the next bandwidth usage reset, which happens on the 1st. of each month)
      2. Until more bandwidth is purchased at an additional fee.
      3. Until you upgrade to a higher level of package.
    3. Unused transfer in one month cannot be carried over to the next month.
  13. Payment Policies.
    1. You agree to make appropriate payment for the services received from LowCost-Webspace, in advance of the time period during which such services are provided.
    2. You agree that until and unless you notify LowCost-Webspace of your desire to cancel any or all services, you are required to pay for those services will be billed on a recurring basis.
    3. LowCost-Webspace accepts PayPal as it’s primary means of payment. You will be setup with a recurring subscription to LowCost-Webspace’s services at the rate of your hosting plan. If you cancel your Pay Pal subscription it is STILL your responsibility to log into the client area and request termination of your account.
    4. It is not possible for us to kow that you want to terminate your account with us by you cancelling the PayPal subscription. The reason for this is that PayPal regularly cancelles subscriptions for various reasons without the client being consulted. Reasons can be, out of date credit cards , credit cards being compromised, and PayPal being unable to collect funds.
    5. Note that All our Billing is in USD$’s and all payments are to be made in USD$’s.
    6. Accounts that are past due will be suspended within 72 hours of the payment due date.
    7. After a further 15 days of non payment, the accounts will be terminated. This however, does not mean that the outstanding invoice(s) will be cancelled, They will remain as unpaid debt’s.
    8. LowCost-Webspace reserves the right to change prices at any time without notification to customer.
    9. No receipts or invoices will be sent by regular mail.
    10. The customer is responsible for all money owed on the account from the time it was established to the time that the customer notifies LowCost-Webspace by logging in to the client area and filling in a request for termination of services.
    11. Suspended sites will incur a $5.00 service charge on top of the outstanding invoice to be reinstated.
    12. Accounts Terminated due to non payment will incur a $20 fee on top of the outstanding invoice value to either supply a backup of the site as it was prior to termination or to re-instate the account from the backup.
  14. Cancellation Policies.
    1. Account cancellations must be submitted using the client area termination procedure Cancellation through any other sourceIs not Valid.
    2. If the Client has a current PayPal subscription(s) set up for the payment of the service being cancelled it is the CLIENTS responsibility to go immediately and cancel the said subscription(s).
    3. Account cancellations must be dated before the next date of recurring charges.
    4. Account setup fees and domain registration fees are not refundable and will be withheld from any cancellation request.
    5. In the event you cancel your service, you will be charged in full for the entire period in which you canceled your service.
    6. Account cancellations for accounts with a negative balance will be passed on to collections, and all services rendered to the party with the negative balance will be terminated.
    7. Once cancellation is processed, account is considered terminated pending all account information matches all information on file.
    8. Anyone raising a PayPal Dispute without having first raised a support ticket and allowing a minimum of 24 hours (48 at weekends and official holidays) for a response will be billed a fixed fee of $20 towards the costs incurred in having to deal with the said PayPal dispute.
  15. Indemnification.
    1. Customer agrees that it shall defend, indemnify, save and hold LowCost-Webspace harmless from any and all demands, liabilities, losses, costs and claims, including reasonable attorney’s fees asserted against LowCost-Webspace its agents, its customers, officers and employees, that may arise or result from any service provided or performed or agreed to be performed or any product sold by customer, its agents, employees or assigns. Customer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless LowCost-Webspace against liabilities arising out of;
      1. Any injury to person or property caused by any products sold or otherwise distributed in connection with LowCost-Webspace;
      2. Any material supplied by customer infringing or allegedly infringing on the proprietary rights of a third party;
      3. Copyright infringement
      4. Any defective products sold to customers from LowCost-Webspace’s server.
  16. Disclaimer.
    1. LowCost-Webspace will not be responsible for any damages your business may suffer. LowCost-Webspace makes no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied for services we provide. LowCost-Webspace disclaims any warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This includes loss of data resulting from delays, no deliveries, wrong delivery, and any and all service interruptions caused by LowCost-Webspace and its employees.
  17. Changes to the TOS.
    1. LowCost-Webspace reserves the right to revise its policies at any time without notice.

QUESTIONS/COMMENTS/CONCERNS: If you have any questions about the contents of this page, or simply wish to reach us for any other reason, you may do so by following this link: https://www.lowcost-webspace.com/