Although server security is primarily our responsibility, we expect our clients to take internet security just as seriously. We must all play our part by using secure safe scripts, passwords, and keep the passwords safe.

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest levels of Server Security possible. However if you find us a little vague when we talk about our security,  it is simply because we have no intention of telling the world what exactly we use. You must never make it easy for the hackers.

What I can say is that to better protect your data:

  • The servers have Raid Protected hard drives.
  • We have top of the range security software protecting your sites.
  • Our clients are educated as to the requirements and standards we give and ask of them in return.

We are constantly re-evaluating the state of our security and do not hesitate to update / upgrade, as required. This is simply because the hackers get smarter by the day, and their tools become more technically sophisticated.

Do remember that no matter how vigilant we are there are no guarantees in life. We can only do our best.