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Products Overview

Hosting Packages.

At LowCost-Webspace, we give high-quality service while at the same time ensuring that we supply cheap low cost web hosting. With personal contact support our service for our clients is of the highest caliber that you can find.

You are encouraged to talk to us before you take a hosting package with us. In this way, you can get to know us as people rather than just another anonymous service provider.

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Automated Backup Storage Service.

As a web site owner, the greatest danger to your business is the loss of your web site and or database(s).
The longer Your Site is down the more Potential Earnings You are losing, and it’s not just earnings that you could lose!

Without proper backups, you stand to lose your entire membership list, and many of those members will never return! You won’t be able to contact them to ask them to sign up again, and you will no longer be able to gain potential sales from emailing them newsletters and offers.

At lowcost-backup.com, we offer an Automated Backup Storage Service for non WordPress services at a very low cost.
For less than 60 cents a dayYou get your public_html folder, (your web site), and any databases you have on your site. Automatically backed up and saved to our server.

This means that in an emergency, you can get your site back, online and operational in a minimum amount of time. For the less experienced we can do, the restore at a reasonable cost.

Secure your peace of mind for just US$18.00 a month.
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Mailbox Cleaning Service.

We offer a Mailbox cleaning service at a very low cost.
Prices start at just US$4.95

a month for five mailbox cleaners. We also offer packages of 10, 15, and 20 cleaners.

  • You can start with 5 and upgrade if you need to.
  • Our cleaners will clean most POP3 type mailboxes.
  • Ideal if you are using safe lists for advertising, or you need to clean out a mailbox that is getting lots of spam.
  • Set it and forget it. Unlike many cleaners where you have to log in and enter the email address to be cleaned.
  • Each cleaner can be run in manual or automatic mode.
  • Cleaning results are studied by us and analyzed at least twice a day to ensure we run them at an optimal setting.
  • You can call up the last cleaning result for all your mailboxes at the click of a button from inside the member’s area.

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Splash Page Promotion Tool.

The LCW Splash Page Promotion Tool is a brand-new concept in Splash page promotion. By using this easy to use the script it will put YOU in control of the site promotion that your members do when they use your splash pages as promotion material.

You are in control of how long your splash pages run before they are changed. This means an end to:

  • Members promoting a splash page that is no longer valid.
  • Members promoting special offer splash pages long after the promotion has ended.
  • Members not promoting special offer splash pages

The Splash Page Promotion Tool also allows you to set up special promotion splash pages in advance and have them start and end on the dates you want them to, without your members having to change the links they are using.

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Domain registration.

LCW has opted to work with Namecheap.com due to years of good experience with this company. They have a very reliable and excellent service.

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