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When you buy a new domain name, you need to think carefully about the name you are going to use. Ideally, the name should give a good representation of what your business is about. If you have a business name such as “My Business Name LLC” for example, then you would be best trying to get the domain name “mybusinessname.com.”

Note I left off the LLC. My reason being that you may decide to sell the domain at sometime in the future, but not your LLC. Now you may say, “but I would not do that,” however, we speake from experience and have seen this happen.

If you consult us before buying your domain name, we can offer suggestions and lead you in the right direction. In my example above I said, “you would be best TRYING to get the domain name”. The reason for saying this is that the name you want may have been taken already. When this happens, you can look for alternatives that come close. Just adding hyphens eg. my-business-name.com is not a good idea.

To Hyphen, or Not to Hyphen

Yes, I know we have a hyphen in our name. The only reason we did it was because someone was holding the name lowcostwebspace.com but not actually using it. We knew if we waited the troll would eventually not pay the renewal, and we could then buy it.

By putting a watch on the name lowcostwebspace.com in 2010, we were notified that the domain had not been renewed. The next step was to place it on back order immediately. Three months later, we were lucky and managed to purchase it. If someone forgets to put the hyphen in our domain name, it is now automatically redirected to lowcost-webspace.com.

At Lowcost-Webspace.com, we have all our domain names registered exclusively with NameCheap.com. We have found over the years that their service and support are second to none.

Purchasing names for people is something we do not do. We did not take this decision lightly. This policy was adopted because we are convinced that the person paying for a domain name must be the one that will be the owner. Only the owner should have total control of their domain names.

Top Level Domains or TLD’s

Domain Name TLD'sWhat is a TLD? Basically it is the last part of the domain name. You will find a full explanation on Wikipedia. I have already mentioned the .com, but there are many more. The most common are the .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .edu, etc. Then you have speciality TLD’s like .shop, .store, .me, etc. Country TLD’s such as .au, .us, .uk, .es, .de, etc.

There are certain restrictions, for example you can only have a country TLD if you are a resident in that country. The .edu is specifically for educational organizations. A .org was originally supposed to be used only by Non profit Organizations. You will note I said “supposed to be” ,  The truth is that it is a free for all with trolls registering domain names but not setting up sites for them. They just sit on them and hope someone will be desperate enough to get the name that they will pay stupid money for them. The price of a new domain can start as low as a few cents  to around US$60 or US$70. If a troll has bought it then the price can go from say US$69 up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Too Many Domain Name Horror Stories

We have had clients in the past that let others buy the domain names for them. They then lost them because the third party did not hand the domain name over, nor did they renew them. That, along with the many other horror stories about other people losing their Domain Names because they let someone else register them instead of doing it themselves.

If you act quickly, then you may be lucky and get the name back without paying through the nose for it. However, there are trolls out there that do nothing else than buy up expired domain names. They then turn around and offer to sell them back to the original owners for hundreds and in many cases thousands of dollars.

Three Months Maximum

We have had success in helping people recover their domain names. However, this can only have a chance if you contact us within a maximum of two months from the expiry date. There is no guarantee, but we can certainly try our best for you. I say two months because that then gives us a month in which to attempt the recovery before it is too late.

There will be a small fee, but the cost will definitely not break the bank for you. Use our contact options in the client area. Current clients can log in and use the open ticket option, and non clients can use the pre sales option to contact us.

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