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Be Safe On The Internet

You need to be safe on the Internet because there are any number of pitfalls. Some of them concern how you protect your PC, Laptop, Notepad, Tablet, or Smart phone. Other pitfalls concern what you do on the Internet with the various devices.

Protecting Your PC, Laptop, Notepad, Tablet, or Smart phone

The first thing you should do is protect whichever device you are using. A reliable anti virus and firewall are a must have. Personally, I am currently using the Avast antivirus and firewall Pro version.

The next step is to ensure you use secure passwords, note the use of the plural “passwords.” You should never use the same password on multiple sites. A password should be at least 18 characters long and contain characters in the range 0 – 9, a- z, A – Z, and at least two characters such as £$%^!&*()+~#={}][@? you will end up with something like ZyQ%nbCcwET%X332k!

How To Remember long complicated passwords.

Your next question will be “How Am I Supposed to Remember long complicated passwords.” There are those that write their passwords down in a note book which they keep with them, and there are those that use a password organizer. We recommend using RoboForm. Roboform was created in 1999, and we have been using it since 2000. We can honestly state that in the last 17 years, we have never had our passwords compromised.

There is a safe way to set up your RoboForm.

The next step to be safe on the Internet.

Social media, if used correctly, can be very useful. The downfall comes when you post pictures and/or posts that are not very flattering either to some else or to yourself. You have to think about the future, remember you may or may not have a job right now, but you may apply for one in the future, and these day’s employers check out your online presence. The social media