The history of

Aaron and Bj, co-owners of the LowCost-Webspace group of sites and, aka LCW, is a small “independent” hosting company. The operative word is “independent;” it means we are not resellers for or to any other company. We run our own servers with the assistance of a very professional Server Management Team that we employ to help us keep the servers in tip top condition. Both Aaron and Myself(Bj) have worked as hosting suppliers since 2002.

We spent our first three years gaining experience by assisting a hosting company owner who had a number of years experience himself. We learned our trade from him. Unfortunately, due to private issues, he had to give up doing hosting in 2005 and did not want to keep the company going. This meant Aaron, and I needed to find new hosting for our personal websites. Our due diligence helped us decide to set up our own hosting service.

Our brand-name

LowCost-Webspace was born out of our determination to provide top quality hosting at an affordable and reasonable cost. That determination to provide the top-quality service at a low cost was the result of our past experiences with several resellers and larger hosting companies. Being large, they were very impersonal and proper support took days to receive, at best.

The major problem with the live help desks that these companies use, is that they are usually manned by part-time staff who have no authority to make any decisions. They are trained to follow a set script and copy and paste canned answers to the questions given to them. If they do not have a transcribed answer that they can copy and paste they are totally lost. The only thing they are authorized to do is post the canned answers and to tell you to send a ticket which all too often means waiting for anything up to several days or weeks to get a satisfactory answer and/or solution.

Quick Support

Aaron and I know all too well that being unable to get quick support with your issues addressed and either solved or knowing that it is being worked on is not the best position to be in, especially if you are in the middle of an advertising campaign, and your site is not functioning as it should. The potential loss of customers and sales can be huge!

For us, it was not a difficult decision to make, and was born. However, this was not without some teething issues, which came about because we decided to start as resellers for what we thought was a reasonably reliable company. We were sure that they would treat us better because we were reselling for them. Alas, they failed and let us down very badly.

Unfortunately, we quickly discovered that even as a reseller, the hosting companies were not really interested in their clients and were mainly concerned with overselling their resources to as many people as possible rather than actually looking after the interest of their clients.

We discovered we had little real control over the server as we were not the only company on it. Thus, due to the lack of support and consistent issues with the web site down times caused by too many clients on the server, we decided it was time to get our own dedicated server and become independent.

Despite our experience, we felt we were still quite fresh to hosting with our own server, so we invested in the best Server Management Team available and had them do the initial setting up of the server for us. As soon as the server was ready we moved all our clients over and severed all ties with the company that we had been reselling for. We have never looked back. That was in December, 2005 (Note LowCost-Webspace was started in April 2005).

This move gave us the ability to not only offer Low-Cost Website hosting but also to respond very quickly to our clients when they need us, rather than when it is too late. We had already decided that communication with our clients was our first priority; when a client contacts us, they know that they will get an answer. We developed the attitude and policy that the days of any client being fobbed-off were over!  Exceptional customer service combined with superior website hosting is the signature that sets Low-Cost Website apart from the others.

With a huge learning curve and a lot of help from our great Server Management Team, we are now normally able to respond to situations and emergencies that our clients experience far quicker than most hosting companies with the combined use of the following:

–we use a top of the range help desk and ticket system that is available on the net.
–we use Skype for voice support.
–my personal telephone number is also available to our clients.

Communication and Longevity

No one can say we are not reachable, and that we do not answer our requests for assistance within a 24-hour time space. It is effectively much less even on weekends and special holidays, despite the fact we do say on our website that it could take up to 48 hours during those times.

There are very few small independent hosting companies still around after 12 years, and it is a shame. We have seen so many people jumping on the hosting band wagon, not knowing the first thing about it. They then disappearing leaving what clients they managed to get high and dry. The website visitors ended up getting messages telling them the site could not be found on the server.

Rest assured we have no intention of disappearing any time soon, as you will see if you check the whois. Currently, we have the domain name registered until 2020 and a little later in the year we plan to extend it to 2025.

I hope I have managed to shed some light on and our way of thinking for you, and that we will be seeing you soon as a client.
If you still have doubts, or you are not sure as to how to run a website, then by all means contact us. Use either the pre-sales ticket desk or contact Bj on Skype, and we can talk over your situation and needs.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.
Bill Brown aka Bjantiques
CEO Low Cost Webspace Inc.
Co Owner
Co owner